Bit-accurate traffic analyzer and data extractor with a transparent, parallel connection to a link.



X-STEP™ Sniffer is a transparent link monitor with sophisticated capture triggering capabilities, full visibility, and thorough protocol analysis. It is by far the most efficient way of analyzing and solving link problems.


X-STEP™ Sniffer is a transparent link monitor with the ability to capture several seconds of link traffic simultaneously from up to 4 fibers for thorough physical and data link layer analysis. X-STEP™ Sniffer supports CPRI™, OBSAI RP3(-01), and 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and connects to monitored fibers via passive fiber-optic splitters. The analysis features of the X-STEP™ Sniffer include full error checking, detailed protocol-level reporting, and control/antenna data extraction into dedicated payload files for offline analysis and post-processing. Extensive triggering capabilities enable precise data captures around physical, data link, and application layer problems, making X-STEP™ Sniffer the ideal tool for diagnosing and solving system-level issues in radio base stations. To ease payload extraction, X-STEP™ Sniffer supports control channel auto-detection and visualized antenna-carrier mappings with IQ visualization capabilities.