Active link counterpart with live control channel support for reactive testing and infinite tracing of control messages. Perform and monitor base station configuration sequences from your PC.



Link device with the special ability to relay live control channel traffic between PC and DUT

X-STEP™ Live Actor is an extension to the X-STEP™ Actor product to introduce live injection and extraction of control and management (C&M) channel packets. X-STEP™ Live Actor operates as a bridge between customer’s local area network and baseband unit or a radio head, forwarding control packets from a computer in the local area network to CPRI™ and OBSAI RP3(-01) links. In the opposite direction, X-STEP™ Live Actor detects control packets in CPRI™ and OBSAI RP3(-01) and forwards them to the network. This enables reactive testing of control channels between a baseband unit and a radio head as the base station control software can run on a standard PC and interface with the design under test via CPRI™ or OBSAI RP3(-01) link(s). Furthermore, the Live Actor feature allows infinite tracing of control packets with 3rd party network analyzer tools, such as Wireshark.