Delay and physical error injection tool operating in series with any fiber-optic link



X-STEP™ Intruder is a link middleman for physical layer verification. The Intruder product allows you to model delay from greater connection distances and inject physical errors to test the limits of your radio base station system.


X-STEP™ Intruder is a physical-layer latency and error injection tool used for modeling real-life cable connection distances and signal degradation to test the robustness of a radio base station system. X-STEP™ Intruder buffers and delays link traffic from 10 µs up to few seconds at one microsecond granularity, where 1 µs corresponds to approx. 204 meters (670 ft) in fiber-optic cable length. Optionally, the Intruder system can also inject pseudo-random physical layer errors, i.e., line code violations, in the delayed traffic according to desired bit/error ratio (BER) target. For BER modeling, X-STEP™ Intruder supports ascending and sweeping modes where the effective BER slowly increments from zero to the target value or sweeps between zero and target BER during a given time period. All Intruder features can be controlled through an easy-to-use GUI or via test automation scripts.