Link device with the ability to mimic any base station component, master or slave.



X-STEP™ Actor is an active link counterpart that acts as a master or a slave in radio base station systems. Unlimited control over stimulus and full visibility into captured data bring your functional verification to a whole new level.


X-STEP™ Actor is an active link device used in CPRI™, OBSAI RP3(-01), and 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for mimicking either the baseband unit or a radio head in a functional test setup. In the antenna interface of a remote radio head, X-STEP™ Actor can mimic JESD204B ADC/DAC devices, sending antenna stimulus into the radio head or capturing antenna data from the radio for, e.g., radio performance analysis. X-STEP™ Actor operates on physical and data link layers and provides bit-accurate visibility into stimulus and captured data with physical and framing error injection and detection capabilities. X-STEP™ Actor provides file-based access to all channels of the interface protocol, allowing control & management payloads and individual antenna-carriers to be generated and post-processed through algorithmic models and 3rd party tools.