The latest Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) specification was released in August 31st, 2017. 

Today, Sarokal Test Systems became the first test equipment manufacturer to offer eCPRI protocol support for Fronthaul base station manufacturers and equipment vendors.    

Sarokal´s patented technology allows the company to develop new protocols quicker and support vendor specific protocol variants. This is highly valued by our customers as they work with cutting edge technology while developing future 5G mobile networks.  

The new specification, known as eCPRI, or CPRI over Ethernet, introduces improved efficiency to match the speed and bandwidth requirements of 5G Fronthaul networks. 

According to the Industry Initiative for a Common Public Radio Interface, the main advantages of the eCPRI protocol include the following: 

• New functional split inside the PHY layer enables major reduction of the required bandwidth
• Flexible bandwidth scaling according to user plane traffic
• Use of mainstream transport technologies (e.g., Ethernet) opens the possibility to carry eCPRI and other traffic simultaneously in the same switched network