Sarokal Test Systems will be one of the industry partners of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the University of Oulu in building Finland's first 5G test network. The 5G test network will serve as a realistic platform for 5G development and performance evaluation purposes. See the full press release on the VTT Technical Research Centre website.

Kari Vierimaa, CTO, Sarokal Test Systems Oy: "The ongoing 5G development is not only about new spectrums, wireless standards, or IoT, but it will also result in various changes to the architecture and partitioning of Radio Base Stations. For example, a part of baseband processing may move to the radio and antenna side in some applications to reduce the payload between the antenna and the baseband. The capacity of core network interfaces will increase and the fronthaul side will undergo significant changes. 5G will require enhancements to the existing digital I/Q interface protocols (such as CPRI™), plus we are likely to witness new fronthaul protocols appearing in the near future.

In the antenna converter interfaces, increasing sample rates and growing number of antenna elements in the MIMO applications will speed up the JESD204B adoption as the optimal ADC/DAC interface standard.

Regardless of where the 5G development will lead us and what the future Base Station architectures will look like, our X-STEP™ Radio Base Station Test System will be there to support the future HW and SW development phases."