The Radio Base Station Protocol Test System from Sarokal Test Systems Oy allows stimulation and tracing of all the digital interfaces in a modern base station for Radio Equipment Control (REC) and Radio Equipment (RE) modules (aka Baseband Unit, BU, and Remote Radio Head, RRH). The digital interface protocols supported initially include JESD204B, CPRI, OBSAI RP3, and 10G Ethernet.

The Protocol Test System integrates in RTL simulation and HW emulation and also works with FPGA prototyping, real-time post-silicon board debugging and final product testing. The same tester platform covers every phase in a Radio Base Station product development cycle, ranging all the way from very first RTL simulations to post-production. The same tests can then be re-used in every phase of the product development cycle. Also, thanks to the parameterized test case building block architecture, the porting of test cases from one project to another is made easy. 

"The new Protocol Test System fulfills the existing market need for a multipurpose, easily configurable and cost effective protocol test solution for the complex base station SOC verification and validation areas", says Harri Valasma, CEO and founder of Sarokal Test Systems. “To be able to re-use the same tests throughout the design and the manufacturing cycle is nothing but a dreams come true for engineering and project management”.