Sarokal Test Systems releases Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) specification version 7.0 support for its Radio Base Station tester X-STEP.

Sarokal Test Systems´ X-Step product line with CPRI 7.0 enables users like chipset vendors, fronthaul equipment manufacturers and telecom operators to develop their 5G network elements and to verify that their implementations are compatible with the CPRI 7.0 specification. Sarokal’s X-Step also supports vendor specific implementations of the CPRI protocol. 

Sarokal Test Systems´ implementation of the CPRI 7.0 specification has been verified against Comcores´ CPRI v7.0 IP and is currently being used in numerous customer production processes.   

Sarokal´s implementation supports Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction (RS-FEC) for fault protection and CPRI line bit rate option 10 (48X) that enables data transfer speeds up to 24.3 Gbps.

"We are a frontrunner in Radio Base Station interface testing working with the leading manufactures so it’s imperative that our test devices support the latest protocols and specifications. With CPRI 7.0 we offer support for the new CPRI line rate of 24.3Gb which will be a major update to Fronthaul Network line rates and devices", says Harri Valasma, CEO and founder of Sarokal Test Systems.