If you missed the live broadcasting of our webinar with Comcores on December 2016, you can click on the following link, log in and watch “Fronthaul Evolution Towards 5G” now http://bit.ly/2hlzYrz


When we think about the 5G mobile network, often we only think of the new frequencies, higher user data rates, and shorter latencies. But fundamentally, it means a new architecture for 4G mobile networks and evolution from 4G to 5G.

This webinar looks at how we see the fronthaul network, and its evolution towards 5G. We look at the challenges and solutions influencing the on-going evolution, and what higher data rates, new communication protocols and architectural changes bring to the picture.

Driven by higher user data rates and massive MIMO antenna configurations, current CPRI versions are experiencing lagging problems and issues affecting QoS. During this webinar we are demonstrating how such protocols are solving such problems, as well as delving into the Radio Aggregation Unit and the advantages it offers.


Earl Lum, Executive Director, EJL Wireless Research