Sarokal Test Systems Oy is the developer of a revolutionary X-STEP™ Test System. The X-STEP™ can be used in system testing from ASIC/FPGA verification all the way to field testing and production. The X-STEP™ Test System can be utilized in a variety of high-tech fields, ranging from cellular base stations to automotive industry and nearly anything in between.

Sarokal Test Systems Oy was founded in 2013, when the product business was spun off from Sarokal Solutions that developed the first generation products in 2009. The move was necessary to be able to serve more customers in different fields of industry.

The company is based in downtown Oulu, a city of 190 000 people in the northern part of Finland, roughly 200 km south of the Arctic Circle. Oulu combines Northern hospitality, nature, and culture with modern technology and it is said to be the IT capital of Finland.